(Book) “Fortunately, the Milk” Review

“You have your milk,” he said. “Where there is milk, there is hope.”
― Neil Gaiman, Fortunately, the Milk


After reading “Coraline”, I couldn’t help but to be curious to the works of Neil Gaiman (With “Stardust” still on my shelf, waiting to be read), and deciding that I actually want a lighter read after Golding’s “Lord of the Flies”, I take up “Fortunately, The Milk”, another work by Neil Gaiman, with the illustrations beautifully drawn by Skottie Young. The one word to describe this particular work is: random. The book is completely random; you have a father figure who has to go and purchase a bottle of milk for the breakfast cereal of his children, and he actually takes more time than your-average-grocery-shopping. When he returns, he narrates what exactly happens on his way back after buying the milk, which involves flying saucers, talking stegosaurus, pirates, a volcano god, wumpires, and the fate of the world.

The premise of the book is time-travel with all those characters mentioned above getting involved somehow, and there may be a general perception that the book is a messy title. However, in spite of all the randomness, it is surprisingly well written and structured. There is no such thing as the feeling of being ‘out of place’; Gaiman manages to tie all the characters up in a string of plotline that it creates a neat flow of storytelling while never fail to entertain us with every turn of a page. Moreover, most works that decide to have time-travel as its main foundation tend to be confusing, but in the case of “Fortunately, The Milk”, time-travel has never been easier to be understood. The chronological narration and simple, yet absurd, problem-solving skills are displayed in an orderly manner, leaving almost no significant confusion behind for the readers.

The illustrations drawn by Skottie Young, as expected, fits the theme well enough to be engaging and able to leave the readers stare in awe at the sketches drawn, admiring the result as well as seeking for attractive details of the pictures. The descriptions in the book are simple and are well-written with easily-understood, kid-friendly words; coupled with the illustrations, utmost clarity is a given. If there is one flaw, it is that the book is a bit too short.

“Fortunately, the Milk”is a perfect book to be read during your spare time when you desire a light, entertaining read.

Rating from me: 4.5/5

Have you read the book? What do you think of it? 


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