(Movie) “Trolls” Review

“Why don’t you try scrap booking them to freedom?”
-Branch, to Peppy


I am the sort of person who watches the movies that I like regardless of public opinion, and I am also the sort of person that possesses a certain level of dislike towards movies with plentiful of singing and dancing that is nowhere near mild. The trailer of Dreamworks’ “Trolls” caught my attention the other day, and it is either I missed it, or I simply did not see that there are actually numerous singing and dancing in the movie, to the extent that those two joyful activities are the core instruments that move the plot forward.

Now, this is not a hate review, but rather, a positive one; with its funny lyrics and catchy tunes of the songs, not to mention that most of the songs sang by the lovable trolls are mash-ups as well as modifications of currently existing and trending titles, such as “True Colors” and “Move Your Feet”, making them stick inside your head all the more firmly, “Trolls” has restructured the perception within my mind regarding musical movies. Still, the most significant component that makes the songs appealing to a non-musical movie lover like me is probably not the songs themselves, but rather, the characters, and in this case, the colorful trolls.

“Trolls” tell the story of these tiny beings that have hairs defying gravity and the ability to change colors; these trolls are very optimistic and constantly filled with glee, to the point that they keep on singing whenever possible and hug one another every hour. The trolls live on a large tree in the middle of a town, but outside of the tree is a place void of happiness and positivity. The Bergens, which are giant, hideous beings, think that the only way for them to be happy is to eat these happy trolls. Soon, the hold an annual festival where the entire population would consume the trolls. The trolls, however, managed to escape and live elsewhere with the help and commands of the troll king, King Poppy. Twenty years later, Princess Peppy, the king’s daughter, as well as the other trolls from the younger generation is oblivious to the Bergens, not knowing that they are still hunting for them.


Are you saying these colors cannot brighten your day?

Certainly, the Bergens eventually find them, and the plot propels forward. “Trolls” is a very simplistic movie, but the fascinating aspect is that the movie manages to entertain its viewers splendidly with its simplistic plot, all because of the characters. Since the start, the movie is filled with merry energy, invigorating the viewers with positive vibes, which is a good thing, especially for the younger audiences. To keep things interesting, the movie also introduces a troll that is not happy, named Branch, who has his perfectly sound reason not to be so. The conflict revolves around the inner struggle of the trolls while being constantly pressured by the negativity of the Bergens and their threats; this allows the characters to develop rather than simply being your happy, generic colorful blobs with fuzzy hairs; the trolls can feel down, too, and the way they support one another is the thing that makes them rise again.

With the vibrant and unique environment, involving large, hairy beings that can swallow the trolls whole, weird plants in the forest, the urbanized lifestyle of Bergen Town, the concept and surroundings of the movie are wonderfully entertaining. One cannot be unhappy while watching Peppy traversing the demanding environment of the world in order to reach Bergen Town, all while singing and hopping around in such a colorful world.

Aside from the lovable characters and stunning visuals, “Trolls” is not only an entertaining movie, but it also attempts to deliver a message regarding the pursuit of happiness; that happiness is within all of us, and it is up to us to reach out for it. Although a simple message, the way the movie delivers this is just satisfying; simple, straightforward, and meaningful.

“Trolls” is a short movie, but in that period of time, you are most likely happier than the hours outside of the theater that day.

Rating from me: 4/5


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