The Plan for the Blog


So, I will be writing briefly about my plan for this blog; some of you may be confused regarding what does this blog focus in; originally, I plan to have the blog solely about literature, that is, books. All the books that I read and will be reading, be it classics or modern literary works, I will be giving my opinion regarding them here. Moreover, I have this ‘hope’ in the future that I will actually have the time to write and post the analysis for several selected pieces, but let’s leave that for the controllers of fate and destiny for now 😛

Earlier, I said ‘originally’, and that means there is a change of plan. I figured that if I only upload posts about literature, then this blog will take ages just for one post to emerge as you guys probably know, reading can take quite some time depending on the book and your mood as well as your diction and general knowledge. Hence, I decided to include movies and video-games (I sincerely love them both, too! XD) so that I could expand the things I would be sharing with you guys (some of them might be mainstream, so sorry for that…).

If I had actually stopped there, solely uploading reviews about this and that, the blog would lack ‘personality’. Sure, I can add several personal touches in the reviews, but I also want people to know about how I feel about things outside of those three media, so I came to a decision to include ‘My Thoughts’ 🙂 .

Therefore, if I were asked what the focus of the blog is, I would answer ‘books’. However, that is because I really like books, not because that the frequency of content of books will largely exceed the ones from movies or games; rather, I believe I ‘think more’ when I review books rather than the others.

Okay, enough thoughts for today. Hopefully, those who have visited this place a few times will keep on checking it out (and I will keep on checking yours, too!), and for those who clicked on this out of anywhere, feel free to take a look around, and I hope you like the things here so far! 😀

Have a nice day always, everyone!


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