(Movie) “The BFG” Review

“Why did you take me?”

“Because I hears your lonely heart, in all the secret whisperings of the world.”
-The BFG, to Sophie


Ever wondered what would happen if you were to be suddenly brought into the land of the giants, where its inhabitants can easily stomp you into a gooey piece of mess? in Disney’s “The BFG”, stands for The Big Friendly Giant, a little girl named Sophie certainly knows what is going to unfold, and it is beautiful, entertaining, but by no means neat.

Sophie, suffering from insomnia, rendering her unable to sleep at night, sees a giant outside the window of the orphanage she is staying in, and she is taken to the giant country immediately. There, she discovers that the words used are peculiar, and the giant that abducts him is the tiniest of them all. The giant refuses to let her back since that will cause an uproar in the human society and put the life of the giants at risk. Soon, she discovers that the giant, whom she calls BFG, has a pretty interesting life by catching dreams, but is constantly bullied upon by the much larger giants. Together, the two devises plans to make sure that the giant country is peaceful, not succumbing to the bullying nature it currently possesses.

“The BFG” boasts its frankly stunning visual display, whether its the realistically rendered giants, or the playful, colorful wisps known as ‘dreams’, all of them are created magnificently, making it having one of the most gorgeous movie featuring live-action casts and 3D models so far, seemingly to has the capability to really take you to the country of giants where they drink Frobscottle, using the soil as their blankets, and where Fleshlumpeater, Bloodbottler, and a number of humongous beings consider humans as their favorite food, calling them ‘beans’. Still, perhaps the most stunning and entertaining visual display is that of the dreams’; the movie makes these dreams as supposedly ‘bright, colorful nebula-like creatures’ which just look beautiful.

The humors are pretty entertaining; from witnessing the giant’s pronunciation of the English words to the film’s hugely appealing comedic scene where the giants are served breakfast by the waiters in the Buckingham Palace, most of the funny scenes are indeed pretty funny, or at the very least, able to produce a small smile across the faces of adults. Combining a seemingly generic, but still effective sense of humor with a lighthearted drama, “The BFG” has it all covered in theory. Still, everything goes downhill from here.

Without any prior knowledge to the world of the movie due to the lack of experience in reading its first, original counterpart, Roald Dahl’s book with the same name, I believe that the giant country is far more than just plains and hills and oceans, and less than twenty giants. After watching this, I have to say that I am somehow disappointed; not only because the giant country is in fact a place where there are only hills and plains and oceans and less than twenty giants, but also because that the other giants are merely ‘brainless brutes’ with the desire to eat humans and the BFG is the only giant with a noticeable different personality. This narrows the very concept of giant country, making the setting lackluster in my personal opinion.

Granted, this is a movie intended for children, so possessing a simple setting is to be expected, but when the giant country is this simple, it shouldn’t even be called a ‘country’. Settings aside, the plot offered is extremely simple, too as I have explained above in the synopsis. Therefore, viewers may expect satisfactory character developments, but “The BFG” does not deliver that at all. Instead, viewers are provided with overly idealistic solutions to problems and overwhelmingly unrealistic developments, such as having the Queen of England immediately sends her troop to the giant country without sparing even a millisecond for a second thought.

In the end, “The BFG” is splendid for a movie designated for the younger audiences along with viewers simply looking for a simple movie to enjoy with its easy to follow story and development (all the more so with its amazing visuals), but for those looking for a serious tale that the movie falsely hints halfway while watching the movie, there is going to be a big disappointment coming.

Rating from me: 3/5


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