(Movie) “Toy Story” Review

“What if Andy gets another dinosaur? A mean one? I just don’t think I can take that kind of rejection!”


What if the toys you played as a child were actually alive? They only pretend to be inanimate objects when you are around, but when they are on their own, they move and jump about, talking with one another, and discussing about their future regarding the grim possibility of having new toys to replace them.

“Toy Story” is all about the toys’ worry of being replaced. Andy, a six year-old with rich imagination, loves his Sheriff Woody toy and his other unique possessions, including Mr. Potato Head, the springy Slinky Dog, a cowardly dinosaur named Rex, Bo Peep, a porcelain shepherdess doll, as well as numerous others. The toys love Andy, and Andy loves his toys, but one day, when Andy is celebrating his birthday, he obtains the latest action-figure of a space ranger, Buzz Lightyear. Realizing that the cutting-edge features of Buzz, Woody is insecure that the title of Andy’s favorite toy may just change.

The movie is not just about the toys’ insecurity and jealousy, but rather, how Woody realizes something more important than worrying about Buzz’s stealing his spotlight.  Throughout the movie, Woody, as annoying as he is during the earlier segments, is able to make the viewers empathize with him, especially the moments when he realizes that ego can lead to deeper regrets due to the consequences it may bring.


When can you witness a meeting among the toys? 

Outside of the inner struggles, we are witnessing the two toys’ growth and their inventive ways to solve their problems. The two, along with the other toys, engage frequently in highly-entertaining dialogues; when the green plastic soldiers report of Andy’s birthday presents to the other toys, or when Woody desperately convinces Buzz that he is not a real space ranger, but rather, a child’s plaything, those moments can really crack a smile up on your face 🙂 .

The basic plot of “Toy Story” is nothing new, and it may be predictable for some, but the fact that our favorite toys are encountering problems after problems and their devising purely exhilarating manners, those methods are not that predictable at all, at least for me. Still, even if they were to be easily guessed by experienced viewers, “Toy Story” is definitely still an entertaining visual delight; with its unique concept and simple, yet also deep message, it is a movie worth of sitting on a couch with your entire family smiling in the innocence of the atmosphere coming from the toys.

Rating from me: 3.5/5


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