Book Covers: Are They Really Important?


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Hello again! First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates during the past few weeks, college and part-time jobs really got into me 😦 . I couldn’t even finish “Stardust”, a book that I have started since last month! Nevertheless, I finally got some time, and on this lovely day (I hope your day is as lovely! πŸ™‚ ), I am sharing my thoughts about what I believe is a common issue among those who like to read: book covers.

Some book-lovers value the cover of the book A LOT, while some believe that the ultimate essence and value of the book lie on the book’s content; its beautifully written (or typed) words, the accessibility of the language, the style of the narrative, the meaning of the poem or prose, and many, many more. I happen to be the first one: a person who really, really value the cover of a book.

I know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (or even title!), since there is an abundance of books with the covers providing very little insight to the content, nor they offer a pleasing aesthetic, such as one of my personal favorite, J. D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye”. I mean, a horse with orange as its color-scheme is just not that appealing, at least for me. Had I not been recommended by a friend of mine, I might have never decided to give it a go. However, there are just times when the book’s cover is so gorgeous, so stunning, so satisfying, that one might think that the book is truly a masterpiece, while it may or may not be so. Regardless, a book’s cover is often the element that delivers the first impression on a book, and that, in my opinion, is fairly important.


Certainly not mine, but they look gorgeous! Source:Β HEREΒ (Bookish Lifestyle)

I honestly believe that most book-lovers’ goal in purchasing a book is not to only have a good time reading it, but also so they can be proud to display those books. By ‘proud’, I mean when you display a book and somebody sees it, that somebody might say “oh, what is that book? It looks gorgeous!”, or “that cover looks stunning! What does this mean?” and the likes of it. A great cover does not only make its owner pleased to see the book, admiring it’s design, but also proud to persuade other people to read it (and the chances are, they will most likely give it a try). Now, I’m DEFINITELY not saying that a simple cover cannot be proudly displayed, since people’s tastes are relative, and a book with a “dull” cover doesn’t mean a poorly-written book. What I’m saying is, a book will be better with a great cover, since it is potentially more attractive, and book-owners can feel “more satisfied”; I believe you know what I mean XD

If a book looks “not-so-pleasing”, one may not decide to buy the book, possibly missing out “that one book” that can change the society, or even the next “Harry Potter”, all simply due to its cover. This society is not fair; what should be an additional point, that is, a book’s cover serving as a “plus point” for visual aesthetic purposes, has become a really important point, and I believe we should adapt to it; accept that sad fact. Unless a book is really, really famous, the cover is a greatly important element to be considered upon. Furthermore, a great cover might even attract the attention for those knowing the book’s content (even I am looking for a copy of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” with a cover to my liking).

In conclusion, I sincerely believe that I am not a good person at heart, since a book’s cover influences me tremendously, unless that book is highly recommended to me. Even then, I would still look for that copy of the book with a cover that I deem “great”. Deep down, I know that it might not be “right” to behave this way, but as a book-lover prioritizing not only a book’s content, but also its outer beauty, I can’t help but to be like this. Moreover, covers are really important to heighten a book’s potential to be recognized upon, so it can’t hurt to pay more attention to it before publishing it, right? right? XD

What do you think? Do you believe that a “well-designed” cover is important for you or the general public? Comment below and let me know πŸ˜€


16 thoughts on “Book Covers: Are They Really Important?

    • TheAliceFan says:

      Yes! they are actually more than just a “clothing” for a book! πŸ˜€

      Each element of the design is equally important depending on the book πŸ™‚

      Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it!

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  1. notsomoderngirl says:

    I agree, I think that book cover designs are very important. They may not reflect the quality of the book, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important when making a decision on which book to pick up! Brilliant post! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheAliceFan says:

      Yes, I wouldn’t be as picky when it is an e-book or audiobook, too πŸ˜€

      But when I want to display them on the shelf, then if possible, I would like them to look really good.

      We seem to share similar thoughts, high-five! XD

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  2. itsaarie says:

    You’re totally right, I’m also a judger, let us say, haha. But I think that if you are convinced that a book is going to be good, because of the great cover, and it turns out to be a bag of shit, you’re punished enough for your judgement! Haha just kidding ofcourse, but I also catch myself at this thing!
    Great post πŸ€—

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    • TheAliceFan says:

      Yes, I know that feeling! So when I “carelessly” buy a book simply due to its cover, I am ready for anything, thinking ‘if this books turned out to be bad or just not for me, then I probably deserve it’ XD , at least it somehow makes me feel less guilty about it πŸ™‚

      I believe there are just times (a few or a lot) for us to fall into this ‘sinful act’, we, or at least, I, just can’t help myself during those times! πŸ™‚

      Of course, I don’t always judge a book by its cover, but yeah, there are just several occasions where I do.

      Thank you for commenting, much appreciated! πŸ˜€

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  3. TeacherofYA says:

    I think the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply to first glance. I think it means that after you read it (or learn more about it), you’ll be surprised to realize that the cover may not be all that great. I don’t think its used properly anymore. So when we judge a book by its cover in purchasing it, we are evaluating it in a quick moment without knowing what lies beneath the pages. If we DID know, and we still judged it, or we had a feeling it would be good despite it, then we are wrong. That’s my philosophy.
    Right now, with so much competition out there, you need a good cover to draw attention to the book and have it say “Read Me!” It’s like putting your best face forward (another expression and I may have butchered it!).
    So no, you are NOT a bad person, and I do it too: we could live in a coverless world and still have some way we would judge at first glance (ooh, look at the pretty font!) so it’s in our nature to find the best and if we can do that despite the cover, then we can give ourselves kudos!

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    • TheAliceFan says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! πŸ˜€

      Yes, saying it doesn’t apply to first glance is nice, since it differentiates the context in which that saying should be used in a way! I do agree that covers are really important; they are like, umm, one’s GPA or something; not the most important element of a person in applying for a job, but is needed for employers to give them an ‘ok’ XD (have I written about this in the post? I don’t exactly remember)

      Thanks again! Good to know that most (if not all) of us do this πŸ™‚


  4. sophiethestark says:

    Definitely! I’m a sucker for beautiful covers, and might even buy books based on aesthetics alone XD (So don’t worry, we’re together in this!)
    I’m trying to get past that but it’s hard. We all like pretty things and publishers know this. Trying to get around it is just going to harm their product. Sure, a pretty cover doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to be a great story but by the time we realize this we’ve already bought the book and brought it home so it doesn’t really matter much hahaha
    Great discussion! πŸ™‚

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