Since taking the major of English Literature, I have been fascinated by numerous literary works, and gradually, the library keeps on expanding; from books to movies to video games! I find lots of stories are really intriguing, and each carries its own charm. Hence, I decide to pour all my thoughts regarding those amazing wonders created by mankind, so all of you can learn from those works, or just bear with my streams of words!

Reviews aside, I also pour a number of my personal thoughts, mostly involving books and those of similar category. To keep things interesting, I plan to include a number of analyses to the literary works which I have read! Although, that may take some time since it might require me to re-read those works. To keep things simple, this is a place where I share my thoughts about the three masterpieces of the human race, but I am focusing the scope in literature! 😀

And yes, Zootopia is my favorite movie so far! XD